Interdisciplinary artist Becka Barker uses moving images, drawing, language, and participatory performance as strategies for exploring the influences of mediated communication and geography on identity. A defining feature of her work is the inclusion of hand-crafted processes as a media art methodology.

Becka’s work has been exhibited at venues such as the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Seoul’s EXiS (winner 2007, Best International Film), Nocturne Art at Night (Halifax), Images Festival (Toronto), Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montreal), KunstDoc Art Gallery (Seoul), Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, eyelevel gallery (Halifax), and Echo Park Film Centre (Los Angeles). She has been regular part-time faculty at NSCAD University since 2005.

Becka's academic exploration focuses on intersections among multiliteracies, media art education, language teaching pedagogy, and studio-based learning in academic educational contexts. She has shared her work at KOTESOL Pan-Asian Consortium (2010), TESL Canada (2012), CSEA/CAGE (2013), NSATA (2013, 2014), DCUTL (2016), AWELL (2014, 2016), and UAAC (2016).


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